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Fox Financial Acquisitions

Behind Every Door is a  Story.

There are circumstances when a property can be purchased at market value. Sometimes, based on the property and the market conditions, and possibly an urgent need, a property is acquired below present value. Much of it depends on the future intended use of the property and the immediate needs of an owner.

One of our primary values is to “Serve People Traveling Through Storms.”

Everyone travels through a stormy period in their life. No one is exempt. Our “Devastated Doors” program provides several economic pathways for people who may be stuck in life, or may be going through a prolonged storm. Oftentimes the sale of a property holds the key to reduce stress, solve economic problems, and move to the next chapter in life. When needed we can acquire the property, help the seller resolve other debt issues, and even the setup of a next residence.

Can You Get Involved?

Yes. There is a need. We have programs for both real estate agents with a license and friends that have no license that want to participate in some fashion. You can be in a Finder role discovery properties and owners in need of solving a life problem. You can be in a Funder role providing financing receiving a favorable annual return. If you have the skillsets you can be a Fixer of property replacing kitchens, baths, etc.

We can extend our helping
hand in other areas

Payoff all credit cards (or other debt)

Payoff or negotiate other personal debt

Assist in locating a next residence

Possibly assist in helping you on moving day

Begin afresh