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Non – licensed

When Fox Financial acquires a property and invests in the rehab of that property, the Finder will earn 10% of the net profit within 5 business days of the closing. When Fox Financial acquires a property and in some form “Assigns the sale contract” to another party, the Finder will earn 20% of the net profit within 5 days of the final closing of the property. If a Finder incurs any personal expenses, those are the responsibility of the Finder.

Licensed All of the above.

If the decision is to list the property for sale, the Fox Financial team at eXp Realty will either co-list the property with the agent or Fox Financial will receive a referral fee of 30%.


The Finder’s identification number must be supplied prior to a property being put under contract or acquired in some fashion to secure the Finder’s compensation. Example bk2785 is Bryan Kelsey’s ID. His initial and last 4 digits of his cell phone.

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COMPENSATION EXAMPLES If the seller / owner of the property enters our program it is our objective to help them in the following ways.

Coordinate the payment of their credit cards to wipe out that debt

Identify and secure their next dwelling

Helped them move their furniture

Help set up their utilities For your efforts you could earn 10% of the profits if we acquire the property to rehab it. In a recent property, the home needed over $100,000 to make it habitable. We funded that program to everyone’s benefit. If you would have found that property your earnings would be approximately $7,000.

In another case a seller was devastated by a flood destroying his home. The prior year he lost his spouse. Emotionally he just wanted out. The owner was given several options. One was to list the property for him, to rehab with and pay the carrying costs per month and use our funds to rehab it, or just acquire it in its present condition. He opted to just walk away. It was too painful for him to prolong his ownership. The hairdresser that brought that property to us was on the Finder team. If you had found that property you would have earned about $5,000.