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Behind every front door of a home is a story. When the property is disheveled, has high grass, appears neglected, possibly has an abandoned looking vehicle, there is a story of a person’s life.  

Investors are often concerned about three things. How to find property, how to fund property, how to fix property. This program focuses on “finding property.” For that is where it all starts.

Of the 50 ways to find properties we will focus on just two methods. Both are easy to start at almost no cost. They represent a place to begin.

Let’s start with the program Devastated Doors. What caused this to happen? Is there a prolonged crisis? One thing it did not occur overnight. Something possibly went wrong in life years ago. Our objective is possibly to be a bridge to an improved life. What we have found in some people’s story is often of being stuck and not able to move forward.

Behind the front door at 718 Mark Welsey, my front door in 2011. The diagnosis was stage 4 cancer. After cancer came deep depression. I compare that season of my life similar to the ship in 1914 called the Endurance. On the expedition, the ship with 28 men aboard got stuck in the frozen Antarctic Ice, then in the coming months, the ship was crushed, and soon thereafter was sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

Cancer takes lives, and when depression is bad enough, you often want to give up and give in. On this journey, we almost lost our house. It was unthinkable and unbearable physically and mentally. Almost everything we had built up, was lost. We had so many people who came to help us.

Our hope in the Devastated Doors program, when possible to acquire the property, to help arrange for pay off of debts, to arrange for a destination property, and walk them through this process. Many of these people we meet are similar to the ship Endurance, these are people that are stuck and often do not know the process to improve their lives.

There is no other lead program that we have discovered that has as many “motivated owners” looking to solve a financial problem. 


Grass is way overgrown


Children's toys scattered in the front or back yard


A vehicle that looks abandoned is sitting in the yard or driveway


The window blinds are bent


There is trash in the yard


In just about one weekend you can drive by, write down the addresses, and have identified 100 doors. We will provide you with a heartfelt letter asking if they would consider selling their property. In our history, when we acquire some of these properties, we have helped that owner….

  • Coordinate the payment of their credit cards to wipe out that debt
  • Identify and secure their next dwelling
  • Helped them move their furniture
  • Help set up their utilities

When you identify a property, you have discovered someone’s story. Sometimes there has been devastation in their lives. Not everyone needs our help with getting on in life, however many people are just stuck.

How We Helped Chris:
Chris owned a property in Affton, Missouri. He responded to our campaign about selling his house to resolve his financial issues. We put the address in our GPS and twice drove past it. The tree limbs were so overgrown and the grass so high you could not see the property. Chris was a hoarder. Some of the rooms had a small path to walk through. The bedrooms had huge stacks of junk and were no longer accessible. He slept on a small cot. When we opened the refrigerator the stench from an old bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken was so bad we had to throw away the refrigerator.

We helped him select a few furniture pieces. This was very hard for him to do. He could not part with anything. We hired a truck and helped him set up his furniture in his apartment. He never ate at home. He took every meal at a local restaurant. We purchased a large amount of gift certificates for his favorite place. He was delighted.

We did purchase his property. It took 5 dumpsters to empty out the house. The neighbors could not believe the outcome. A lovely young lady purchased the property and the home has a new story to tell.

You cannot always tell what is going on in a person’s life even if you see them each day. Chris was a real estate agent in our company. He looked fine. Always dressed nicely. We helped change his life from devastation to a place of delight.


OWe have been acquiring property from the For Sale By Owner since 1985. Our first investment property was at 6520 Etzel in University City Missouri. And the seller we bought it from was James Bond. (true story) 
This program has been successful because in part the seller is so accessible. We have the phraseology to get you appointments with these owners. Your objective when viewing the property is to ask about 7 key questions, take notes, and tour the property.  You may find that you like meeting with owners in their homes. Hearing their story. 
There is specialized training for the individual that is interested in this approach. There are only a few selected in each of our USA markets. 



Still interested? Or interested in the compensation? Email me a note (and any questions you have) about your level of interest in this program. Let me know if you and or your family is interested in property investing as well.

Former #2 agent in Missouri
Founder Fox Financial
President Fox Financial Relocation
Fox – Property Acquisition Manager

California, Idaho, Nevada, Texas, Illinois, Missouri, Georgia, Florida

Life is an adventure and best not traveled alone. We are looking to enhance the life of others. Let us know if we can serve you.