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As agents we all want “motivated lead sources and those that will buy again and again and again.”
The Investor fits into that category. If you are a SOLO agent (not on a team) we would like to share our Investor Program with you.

We are that repeat buyer that wants to acquire property. And we will equip you to enter pathways to locate current home owners that we will either acquire for Fox, or if we do not acquire the property,  help you secure the listing.

We are Fox Financial. We are a team within eXp and we are currently in 8 states. It is not required that you join our team. In fact in most cases we do not want to add more agents to the team, however yes equipping agents with strategies to find investment property.


There are very few lead sources that create “instantaneous leads” that can be converted to either an investment purchase and or a listing. Since our beginning in 1985 we have mastered the art of working with the For Sale By Owner.

They are often extremely resistant to working with agents thus the initial text, call or pop by must be able to convey a message the seller does not fear. Their main fear when dealing with agents is that all 50-100 that contacted them all want to list the property. But the problem agents face is “how they go about the listing pursuit.”

If you are selected to cover a territory you will receive preset appointments and no other agent will receive that lead. Your task is simple when you arrive at the FSBO property. Simply ask the questions that we prepare you with in the training program. Those questions will reveal if this property is a fit for our Purchase Program or if we would be better assisting you to obtain the listing.


* If we acquire and rehab the property you would earn 10% of the net profit. If our net profit is $50,000 you would earn $5,000.

* If we assign the sale or wholesale the property you would earn $25%. In this scenario you would earn $12,500.

* If you are a license agent we would assist you in “landing the listing” if we are unable to acquire the property. If this occurs we will split the commission at 50/50. Depending on the broker fee and sale price you could earn several thousand dollars.

You have 3 ways to earn as well as learn a tremendous amount about working with investors, and becoming one. Our primary goal is to acquire the property, educate you on the process and do it again and again.


The Dumpy Doors program is about identifying a bundle of properties that simply look a bit dated, neglected and or dumpy when you drive past them. 

This concept has been around for decades. Why does it work? It is because there is a high probability that behind one of these doors, there is a person possibly in a financial crisis. 

The program begins with you selecting 100 properties (or more) over a weekend. We will supply you with the letter, you simply mail our effective marketing piece. 


Your small monthly postage is about $50.00. When the owner contacts us you will be part of the process to see how it works. We want you to learn so you improve in the process. We want you to earn so you repeat the process. 

Think of the program much like a garden in your backyard. If you water your garden you will receive a harvest. 


If you are a fit for our FSBO program, you will exclusively receive leads from us. We do not give the same FSBO lead to two agents. This will greatly increase the probability of your success. Thus we are very selective in who we prescreen leads for.


We only work with SOLO agents. Thus we do not work with agents on another agents team. 


We want agents to know that this is not an invitation to join Fox. We are presently in 8 states as members of EXP, however we are comfortable with SOLO agents assisting us in acquiring property and we assisting them in obtaining and building a listing inventory.

(The listing inventory we expect to build with agents in this program is to carry no less than 5 listings at one time)


After you have read through this we want to have one more screening interview with you. This Investor Program and Building a Listing Portfolio may not be a match for you.

This is not about “trying the program” but rather “making investing and listings” part of your career.


Do you like what you have heard so far and do you have a few questions?

Here is what I often get asked?

1. Do I have to join your Fox team?
No. We actually prefer that agents remain SOLO (on their own at eXp).
2. If I liked things, could I maybe later join your team?
Possibly. If your goals and mindset align with ours we are receptive to that conversation. 
3. Will I learn how to invest in real estate?
Yes. We created a concept called The Property Pump which teaches people how to “find, fund, and fix” property. We authored the book (not in publication yet) called “How to Invest in Real Estate – Without Getting Eaten Alive.”
4. Can I do training at my own speed?
Yes. It is online. 
5. How soon would I receive field FSBO appointments?
Possibly within the first few days. We want you in the field finding us a property to buy and or building your listing inventory. 
6. Are there any other benefits?
Yes. I have coached agents that have closed $50m to $100,000,000 in one year. Part of your kick start training I am interested in your mindset. I am wondering what your vision is and what limitations you may have placed on yourself. I provide a no cost coaching session. We do this in part to discover who is a dreamer and who is a doer. 
7. What is the monthly fee?
Zero. We are just looking for people that are hungry, likeable, coachable and their “yes means yes.” 
8. Can I do the Dumpy Doors campaign and not the FSBO program?

Still interested? Email me a note about your level of interest in this program, investing at some point for yourself, and your thoughts on building a listing inventory. If you have questions, please share them in the email.

Former #2 agent in Missouri
Founder Fox Financial
President Fox Financial Relocation
Over the current 8 state team
Fox – Property Acquisition Manager

Life is an adventure and best not traveled alone. We are looking to enhance the life of others. Let us know if we can serve you.