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FSBO Training Course


Calling a FSBO

Some sellers will not answer the phone. They were often overwhelmed with the amount of calls. The best times are often 8-9 am, 4-6pm and about 8 pm. PRINT THE ATTACHMENT. Study it. Make notes on it. Teach it to a family member. But whatever you do, prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

When you dial their number, put them in your contacts so you know when they reach back to you, you recognize who they are. An example would be, “123 Wilson Rd 599k John Smith fsbo”.

Never let the pain of rejection dictate how you feel. It is assured you will get no thank you answers. Consider every NO a lesson. Consider it feedback. Think of it this way, you are not getting paid to take listings and service them, but rather you are getting paid 10k per month because you persevered.

Every single athlete that earns 1m or more a year, earned the paycheck on the practice field. Make sure you out-practice everyone else and you truly can earn 10k each month from this program. So we say…”I will persist. I will carry on. I will push past the pain. I will overcome fear. I see myself in possession of two new listings each month. I am not the person I used to be. I am the person I was meant to be.

The lesson is in the doing, not the reading. Let’s go forth and do it.

How do you know if a FSBO is a GO, or a NO GO?

This video will help you listen for keywords that the sellers say so that you can decide if you should GO or you should PASS on the appointment.

How I do use GOOGLE SHEETS to track the FSBOs in my market?

This easy to manage system will allow you to track which sellers are motivated vs the unmotivated.

Adding value by understanding MARKET VELOCITY

there is possibly nothing more important in an agent’s career that articulating this idea to the FSBO or any buyer or seller.

Instant listings. Nothing else will create a listing as fast as the FSBO

Seller are volunteering to role play with you. There is almost no other LIVE training that will serve you better than interacting with the FSBO.


Is there a good reason to not sell AS IS?

What if the property was or is a RENTAL?

Will the seller most likely list it or rent it again?

You want the seller FSBO or any seller for that matter to ask you this one question

This one question will put you in the authority role where they are seeking your advice. (price)

Why do I preview the competition of the FSBO?

When you set an appointment to view a property near the subject property, it becomes sort of a bridge to get an appointment with the FSBO. It also is a great conversation builder when you are at the appointment.

The first 10 seconds of a call to the For Sale By Owner

The seller has been called by 50 agents. What you say and how you say it may determine if you get an appointment.

Dont Call Until..

You gather this information about them!

FSBO ad says

“If you are an agent don’t call!”

Items Under Review

This google sheet is set to view only. To use this calculator. Open the sheet, and click “File” and choose “Make a copy” to create your own version.