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At Fox Financial, we are property investors, we are also experts at overseeing deals so that they do not die. I had a grandfather who said, “In every ointment is a fly.” He was an engineer and inventor who designed systems to prevent user error. In our 35 years, we have learned that every transaction has some sort of issue that needs experience, problem solving skills, and keeping everyone moving forward. We have designed the workflow of the real estate transaction to ideally prevent problems.


Our Safeguard program will walk both parties through every step. In real estate, we live in a world of “fire starters.” Our role is “fire preventer.” Something could go wrong, we provide ideas and solutions.  For a simple flat fee.


There is no upfront fee. There is no fee at all if the transaction does not close. When you find a buyer that is ready to go, just text your address to 239-744-0188. We will contact you and begin the process with you and then we will contact the buyer to describe what is about to happen. We oversee the paperwork, and interact with lenders and title companies and inspectors if need be.


Selling By Owner is usually done for economics reasons. Basically, why pay an agent for what you can do on your own? For years, Zillow was the marketing platform for the By Owner. Now, Zillow has separated the MLS properties from the By Owner properties, making it about 50 times harder to sell without the MLS platform.

Selling on Zillow is done to save money, often at the sacrifice of national exposure. So here is the question. “If I, as the seller, have limited exposure on Zillow, I have a limited number of buyers, thus will I then, in the end, net less money by having less exposure?”


For most investors like Fox Financial, and for owners like you, the answer is YES. Our HYBRID MLS program is offered to investors and homeowners like you. At a fraction of the fee. You can continue marketing the property on Facebook Marketplace, you can continue holding Open House and you get full access in MLS.


If the lower broker fee creates a benefit for more buyer exposure, would it be wise for you to use the HYBRID program? Or is it riskier or wiser to stay the course on Zillow?