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FSBO Training Course


Think of the walk through of a FSBO or any listing opportunity like it is an “audition.” You will be paid in direct proportion to how well you persevere in the face of trials. In the St. Louis Cardinals locker room is a sign that says, “Practice what you do well until you cannot get it wrong.”

Is that your level of commitment? Will you practice the FSBO presentation 5 times? Will you be great if you do that? No. But what if you practice it 20 times before your first FSBO meeting? Would you say that is ridiculous? Here is what I know. We want to see you earning $10,000 per month in this program. The more you commit to practicing, to your performance, the greater your profit on your journey.

If you have a property that you want to review with me

1. please send the realist record 
2. please send me the VELOCITY report that you took with you to the appointment  
3. the zillow link  
4. what do you think of the list price – is it overpriced? right where it should be? underpriced?
5 did they say  ‘ we know we are a bit high ‘ 
6. do they have any buyer with interest
7 why are they selling   bought another   divorce    inheritance  or others 
8 what can you say about the house condition / what looked dated / worn out / upgraded / give as much insight as you can
9 what was the discussion about the broker fee 
10. are they potentially able to buy thru us / have they already purchased 
11 was this property rental / inherited / their residence (???)